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Landscape Terms and Conditions

Wheaton Garden Works Company guarantees all installed plant materials for one year from date of installation. We agree to replace evergreens, shade trees, ornamentals, shrubs, ornamental grasses, groundcovers and perennials that do not survive within one year of installation. This is a 100% warranty for materials and labor from Wheaton Garden Works Company.

The warranty is void if and when...

There is no warranty for seasonal annual color installation, seed or sod, or transplanted plant materials.

Wheaton Garden Works Co. will assist the client with obtaining any required permits and surveying work. The client will be responsible for all fees associated with permits and surveys.

Wheaton Garden Works Co. will not be held liable for any damages to underground utilities including gas, water, irrigation, cable, phone, internet, and dog fence. Wheaton Garden Works Co. will notify JULIE prior to any underground work, and will move forward with work once necessary utilities are flagged.

A 50% deposit is required for landscape installations to be scheduled. This deposit allows Wheaton Garden Works to secure materials needed specifically for the client's project. If a client wishes to cancel their scheduled project, a full deposit refund will be allowed if materials have not been secured. Once materials have been secured and received with payment in full, the returned deposit will be reflective of those costs.

The balance will be due upon project completion.